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Feed mill plant High quality feed mill plant for chicken, pig, fish, and shrimp ◎ High capacity and good quality pellet mill plant with automatic and half-automatic operate, and receive the best benefits at the lowest cost! ◎ Variegated aquaculture and livestock&poultry feed mill plant, can fit customer’s demand with the world –range capacity from 15 HP to 300 HP. ◎ Well conditioner to retain the moisture and keep the high stable of product. ◎ Heavy-duty belt transmission and high torque press between pellet die and roller for a maximum output and long service life. ◎ Sturdy steel design, compact and sturdy welded steel base with well lubrication main shaft for vibration free operation.

From system design, manufacturing, erection, test working, operator training and after-service, we have accumulated extensive experiences, creative technology to offer our customer the professional service. We are mindful of our responsibly with our customer, we do our best to provide the complete planning and service to our customer.


Organic materials, which are recyclable and economical of waste. Whatever the organic wastes are collected separated or not; it is possible to produce a compost of acceptable quality by adopting the appropriate procedure.